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Taking the monitoring of soldiers’ health to a new level, the Adhere2Care MEDIC system passively and securely manages soldier’s vital signs and GPS data, both prior to injury and post injury.

Care of casualties on the field of battle has many challenges: medical monitoring, interventions, information capture, storage, security, and the lack of integration of civilian and military communications networks. Traditional military systems can’t monitor soldiers both prior to injury and post injury, so interventions are only as effective as the medic or other caregiver’s medical knowledge allows. Battlefield medics and other caregivers lack access to physiological monitoring, secure medical information exchange, imaging and telemedicine technologies used in the public sector.WWII  Battlefield Casuality Evacuation by Unit Medics

Adhere2Care’s Military Mobile MEDIC System, a telemetry smartphone solution, sets the stage for advancements in remote physiological monitoring, geo physical location of casualties, data management, diagnostic imaging and secure medical information exchange among patient, first responders, and remote care providers. The system can be integrated into semi-autonomous, autonomous or closed-loop treatment systems, and will integrate with the Military Medical Handbook so that the predictive models can identify the proper course of procedure for a given medical situation.

MEDIC can be deployed in a variety of scenarios involving individual soldiers, particularly at squad level, served by smartphones and secure cellular/ wireless networks. Continuous biomedical monitoring can be maintained throughout the medical evacuation process. MEDIC will support the doctrinal medical procedures of measuring and monitoring the patient’s vital signs pre and post injury. The baseline MEDIC system uses a biosensor belt, smartphone/tablet, and cellular/wireless network to provide biomedical information to combat medic and health care providers around the world.

device-2013-12-18-114437MEDIC creates, stores, and maintains vital sign information:
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Body Position
  • Body Temperature
  • ECG Information

•Measures and monitors soldier’s vital signs pre and post injury.
•GPS data speeds care and search and rescue operations.
•Fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant.
•Algorithms for patient management and triage.
•MEDIC software on a GPS/Bluetooth/cellular/ Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or tablet.
•Wireless devices and sensors monitor a soldier’s vital signs and send encrypted data securely through Bluetooth, ANT+, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) wireless protocol via a secure wireless Personal Area Network (PAN).



The biosensor belt provides:

• Heart Rate

• Respiration Rate

• Body Orientation

• Activity Levels

• Body Temperature

• Single lead EKG

• Data can be viewed locally, processed and forwarded over the cellular internet connection to the Adhere2Care server or to a remotely installed local server.
• The Adhere2Care Portal is the central hub and management interface for the A2C System and provides geo-spatial awareness via an integrated Google Earth™ view. This allows field medics and first responders a tactical view of the Adhere2Care participant’s location.

• MEDIC provides geo-location information of casualty to combat medic and other first responders in order to quickly locate and track casualty. Data services are interoperable with military medical monitoring systems.

• MEDIC is HIPAA is compliant.

• The A2C MEDIC System can be used on android smartphones and tablets and will operate on 3g or 4g LTE wireless networks.

• Simple to use and quick to configure for deployment. System support service gives the customer access to our 24×7 Global Response Center and engineering expertise for resolving issues, including on-site FSR’s as necessary.Soldiers Provide Cover in the Desert

• The A2C MEDIC System is designed to seamlessly incorporate into the US Military’s current smartphone initiative. We are allied with a private portable cellular provider who provides mobile network infrastructure to expedite the deployment of wireless broadband communications solutions primarily to government and military clients. In both combat and training environments, A2C, riding on the portable network, provides real-time assessment of vital medical information and individual GPS location capabilities.