iStock_000002086476LargeTaking the management of post discharge patients to a new level of excellence, the Adhere2Care MEDIC system can significantly lower key readmission rates by passively managing patient vital signs and information.

The Adhere2Care MEDIC (Medical Emergency Digital Information Capability) Mobile Monitoring Platform provides a turnkey solution for remote monitoring of acute and chronic patients at home.

Patient monitoring through the use of smart phones/tablets, vital signs trackers and a web-based network is a unique solution for health care providers who have the dual task of maintaining efficient and effective care to discharged patients while reducing costly patient readmissions.

Adhere2Care partners with Healthcare Providers by facilitating the transmission of remote vital data to qualified personnel who then can follow pre-determined pathways of care.

By actively managing the care of post discharge patients, hospitals can maintain high scores on key quality indicators such as readmission rates and patient satisfaction surveys. Effectively utilizing the MEDIC System, hospitals can lower the cost of care and improve the quality of care they provide.                                                           

The MEDIC Mobile Monitoring Platform can deliver better patient care and improved financial outcomes. Successful program results with the following conditions are well documented.

               • Post Heart Failure Hospitalizations

               • Diabetes Monitoring

               • COPD and other chronic illnesses


Nurses and clinicians are now able to monitor very large at-home patient bases managing care by exception. The patient’s vital signs and other pertinent information are collected, measured and monitored, like in the hospital, but cost and readmission rates are reduced.

The Adhere2Care MEDIC Home Patient Mobile Monitoring Platform:
• MEDIC software on an Android smart phone/tablet

Bluetooth-enabled vital sign trackers:

• WeightPulse Oximeter

• Blood Pressure



• Respiration Rate

• Glucometer

• Pulse Oximeter

• Heart rateChecking blood pressure

• Body Temperature

• Vital signs information is encrypted and passively sent via the internet to the Adhere2Care web portal.

• The Adhere2Care web portal houses customizable individual patient care plans and all vital patient information needed to manage the patient’s care.

• Patients are managed by exception through alerts generated by values outside the parameters of the customized patient care plan. One clinician can manage the care of a very large patient base.

• System allows for two-way communication with patients to be automated or real-time to facilitate medication compliance, assessments, education, appointments and questionnaires.

• Once patients at risk for an exacerbation of their condition have experienced the benefits of being monitored at home, there is an opportunity to continue service on a monthly fee basis and becoming an ongoing client for the hospital.

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