About Us

Adhere2Care is a specialized software application development company created in 2011¬†with expertise in healthcare data collection and communications network engineering. The company’s applications and network infrastructure have been developed to provide life saving care at the point of greatest need – whether it be in a chronically ill patient’s home, an area ravaged by natural or political disaster, a soldier on the battlefield or an employee performing their job in a hazardous environment. The application is built to be user friendly and the web portal is built with the caregiver (care professional authorized to view a patient’s information) in mind, displaying and organizing patient information in a neat and easy-to-read manner.

What separates Adhere2Care from its competitors? The patient is able to relay their information to and communicate with a caregiver through the application installed on their smart phone or tablet from any location so long as they have 4G LTE cellular service or a wireless internet connection.

Adhere2Care has created an architecture that is easy to use, patient-focused, reliable and secure. The Adhere2Care model allows seamless transfer of data across multiple platforms and devices with the push of a button. Our robust system is fast and easy to use.

We are dedicated to serving our patients. As the patients interact with the system on an on-going basis, the patient will be able to understand clearly the necessary steps to better health and quality of life.

Adhere2Care is committed to security of information, using the highest levels of encryption technology to protect data in the MEDIC System.


Founder/CEO of Adhere2Care John Hoggle is a seasoned medical technology and telecommunications veteran. Mr. Hoggle began his career working through the Executive Development Program at a major telecommunications company before leaving to successfully launch and ultimately exit his first telecommunications company in 1982. Since then, Mr. Hoggle has had a keen interest in the healthcare monitoring, specifically remote patient monitoring, a passion that was initially begun due to Mr. Hoggle’s father passing at their rural home.